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A good strategy has a kernel of three elements – a diagnosis, a guiding policy and coherent action. Richard Rumelt (Good strategy, Bad Strategy). Diagnosis depends on analysis and without it strategy is useless.

The Problem Is?

When working through the analysis process It’s all too easy to avoid the real issue. The nasty issue that everyone would rather gloss over rather than face head-on. Every business has them. It is vital to surface those issues so they can be dealt with.

Even if all the key issues are surfaced analysis is often only carried out yearly. Markets are turbulent, the inputs change, making the analysis invalid.

Your people have years of experience in your business. They have in-depth knowledge of products and services, markets and competition.

They don’t generally have an analysis process. Sometimes they don’t know where to look or (worse) they avoid those places they would rather not look.

They often don’t have the time to monitor what is happening out on the periphery. What is lurking out there that could be an opportunity or a potential disaster for your business?

How We Work

We do not have in-depth experience of your market. But we do have an analysis process that develops and reacts to inputs from the marketplace. We have a process for monitoring and reacting to the periphery.

We act as a guide and mentor working with your team to install an analysis process. We look into areas your team may miss. As an outside agency, we surface the difficult issues to address.

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Who I Work With

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My background is in strategy, technology, manufacturing, distribution and B2B services so that’s where I can add most value.

I work with businesses in B2B markets employing between 10 and 250 people across the North East of England. An area from the Tweed in the North to the Humber in the South.

To learn more complete the contact box with a suggested time to talk. Let’s see if I can help.

About Me

As an employee I had over 7 years experience in sales and business development and 8 years experience in marketing with a total of 10 years at management level.

Since 2008 I have run my marketing consultant and marketing mentor business. You can read more about my skills and experience HERE.

I am an experienced marketing strategist and analyst.


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