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Marketing Strategy For A Turbulent Environment

Is your business marketing strategy agile enough to deal with market turbulence, or is your yearly strategy exercise obsolete within a few weeks?

We suggest the traditional marketing strategy and planning process is only fit for an ever-decreasing number of long-term stable markets.

There is a better way. Read more HERE


We work with you to develop an agile marketing strategy then help you create the structure and process to implement that strategy.

People, Ideas and Technology – In that order¬† –¬† John Boyd




Take the opportunity to talk through where you are now and what you would like to achieve.

Arrange an initial meeting (no charge or obligation) to discuss your needs and establish if our framework is a potential way forward.

If there is a fit, we can scope out a project. That may be an initial trial, delivering a workshop to your team or a specific piece of work.

Complete the contact box and suggest a data and time to meet. Or request a call back. Let’s see if I can help. Alternatively, call me on 07747 042320.


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Build a responsive, competitive business. Identify areas of competitive advantage. Plan a way forward.


Where are you now? What are the opportunities for growth? Where are the roadblocks? How can those roadblocks be overcome?


What sets you apart? Who is your real competition? Where are the weak points to attack? What do you need to defend?


As an employee I had over 7 years experience in sales and business development and 8 years experience in marketing with a total of 10 years at management level.

Since 2008 I have run my strategy consultant and marketing mentor business. You can read more about my skills and experience HERE.

I am an experienced marketing strategist. I have managed sales and marketing teams, distributors, agencies and business units.


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