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A new approach. Maximise the return on your marketing spend. 

B2B Marketer – A New Approach

Analysis, campaign development, content, delivery

Given the growth in deep-learning-driven tools and the decline in the online search experience, it’s clear some of the marketing tactics applied in the past will not deliver results in future. Potential customers will have access to new information sources. Many of those will be silos marketers will find it hard to access.

Implementing deep-learning-driven toolsets can significantly improve the efficiency of the remaining online tactics, but they should be complemented by tactics that existed long before the internet.

As a marketer working in industry before Web 2.0 with extensive experience in online marketing and an in-depth understanding of the latest deep-learning-based tools, I draw on this experience to build efficient marketing campaigns.

With a strong background in B2B marketing, product development, and business growth, I specialise in bridging the gap between cutting-edge technologies and market opportunities. Whether you need a consultant to navigate the complex semiconductor landscape or a professional to boost your AI and tech market presence, I’m here to help.


Sales Team Support

Supporting the B2B account-based sales process. 

Content planning, management and delivery. Leveraging the latest AI driven toolset. Building and managing knowledge bases. Increasing sales and marketing efficiency.

Project lead at:  OutsourcedMarketingServices.co.uk

Marketing Mentor

Mentoring, support and guidance for your B2B marketing person (or team). 

Strategy, Campaign planning guidance, product and market development advice. Educating marketers on the impact of the latest AI driven tool set.

To learn more visit   B2bMarketingMentor.co.uk


Can I help? Before answering that question I need to understand your business, your market and your objectives. I might need to take some time out after our initial meeting to do some research before re-engaging to discuss in more detail.

For a no obligation initial discussion please get in touch. Call HundredOctopus on 07716 871892



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I work with manufacturing, technology, B2B services and distribution businesses employing between 10 and 250 people.

For clients, east of the Pennines, based between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Leeds I can work a hybrid model. For clients based elsewhere I work remotely.

You may only need help in one area, you may need more. Whatever your requirements get in touch for a no obligation initial discussion. Let’s see if I can help.


As an employee I had over 7 years experience in sales and business development and 10 years experience in B2B marketing with a total of 12 years at management level. Most of my career was spent in the Semiconductor packaging industry.

Since 2008 I have run my marketing adviser and marketing mentor business. You can read more about my skills and experience HERE.

I am an experienced B2B marketing and sales professional. I have managed B2B sales and marketing teams, distributors, agencies and business units.

When ChatGPT-3.5 arrived in late 2022, I recognised the potential impact deep learning technologies could have on marketing and society. Since then, I have dedicated myself to studying artificial intelligence, staying abreast of the latest developments in the marketplace, actively testing and evaluating relevant tools and exploring AI applications.


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