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Market Analysis | Strategy & Planning

Take a fresh look at your business. Understand your true competitive advantage. Get the most out of your marketing spend.


Market Analysis

You know your business and market, but your day to day involvement could blindside you to risks and opportunities.

In turbulent markets you need to continually update your market intelligence. You need a process.

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Strategy & Planning

I will help you develop a strategy to overcome the roadblocks you face.

I then help construct a plan and process that adapts to the situation. Transform, grow and compete.

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Performance Analysis

Is your marketing targeted correctly? Could ROI be improved? Is your brand messaging consistent?

I will review the situation, identify waste and recommend improvements.

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You may only need help in one area, you may need more. Whatever your requirements get in touch for a no obligation initial discussion. Let’s see if I can help.


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My background is in strategy, technology, manufacturing and B2B services so that’s where I can add value.

I work with businesses in B2B markets employing between 10 and 250 people across the north of England and southern Scotland.

Send me some brief details of the issues you face and a suggested time to talk or request a call back. Let’s see if I can help.


As an employee I had over 7 years experience in sales and business development and 8 years experience in marketing with a total of 10 years at management level.

Since 2008 I have run my marketing consultant and marketing mentor business. You can read more about my skills and experience HERE.

I am an experienced strategist. I have managed sales and marketing teams, distributors, agencies and business units.



UPSTREAM Marketing is focused on the market environment, competitive advantage, major roadblocks to progress and strategies to deal with those issues. DOWNSTREAM marketing is focused on supporting the sales team. It is about driving opportunities and customer retention.


If you need hands-on marketing support to address a known (downstream) issue then visit our sister business HERE

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