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Refine your message, improve marketing ROI or take a fresh look at your business. Are you wasting time and money? What opportunities are you missing?


Marketing Review

Talk me through your marketing objectives then allow me the time to dig into your market and marketing activities.

I will report back on areas I feel could be improved. Another set of eyes looking at a situation often helps.

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Strategy & Planning

Without a solid strategy in place and a plan to deliver on that strategy your marketing is destined to fail.

Let me help you develop a strategy to address the challenges you face. Transform, grow and compete.

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Awareness Building

Awareness may be only one of the 4A’s of marketing but without it you will struggle to make an impact.

There are many tools available, both online and offline. I will help you develop an effective awareness marketing process for your business.

You may only need help in one area, you may need more. Whatever your requirements get in touch for a no obligation initial discussion. Let’s see if I can help.


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My backaground is in strategy, technology, manufacturing and B2B services so that’s where I can add value.

I work with businesses in B2B markets employing between 10 and 200 people across the North East of England. An area from the Tweed in the North to the Humber in the South.

Send me some brief details of your requirements and a suggested time to talk. Let’s see if I can help.


As an employee I had over 7 years experience in sales and business development and 8 years experience in marketing with a total of 10 years at management level.

Since 2008 I have run my marketing consultant and marketing mentor business. You can read more about my skills and experience HERE.

I am an experienced strategist. I have managed sales and marketing teams, distributors, agencies and business units.



If you are clear on what you need that’s great. Let’s have a chat to see if I can help and move forward from there.

If not engage me to research the situation and report back with recommendations on a way forward. You simply pay what you feel my report is worth to your business. No negotiation, no questions, you just pay what you feel is right.

Complete the contact box. Suggest a good time to talk and give me a brief outline of what you would like to discuss.

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